Laughter Yoga International  
Official website of Founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria
Includes events and trainings around the world, Dr.K’s diary and much more!

Laughter Yoga BC 
Listings of Laughter Yoga Leaders, Laughter Clubs and events in British Colombia, Canada

Drishti Point 
The Smiling Yogi founder, Farah Nazarali’s website and membership-based podcasts about yoga, spirituality and healthy living.                                                 

Dr. Kasim Al-Mashat  
Kasim’s new website. Full of information about counselling, mindfulness, and laughter!                                                         

Universal Laughter 
Chris is the Laughing Giant of BC.
Check out his website for events, videos and creative projects like The Daily Laugh!

Young Mind Body Spirit
Nish has a highly contagious laugh, and she exudes wellness and joy.
Check out her wellness services for children and adults.

American School of Laughter Yoga 
An amazing site full of laughter news, events and trainings.

Fresh Web Design
Fantastic local web designer!
Highly recommended.

Open Door Yoga Studio
Beautiful studio, diverse teachers, and 3 locations in East Van.

Do you laugh at your office? 
Office wellness is serious business…read more!