Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training – October 2015

“The training was very inspiring and gave me many ideas on ways to take laughter out to my family, friends, community and the world! I was really impressed with the whole weekend.”   -Judi W.

“I came to realize in our society we need to rewire our brains for joy. This training opened up new possibilities to do so.” –Daniel C.

What impact did the training have for you personally? “Empowerment that I can do this! Personal learning/growth.” -Anonymous

“Great balance of activities.” -Sarah J.

“I finally made peace with the fact that looking ‘silly’ is not bad at all. In reality it brings out the emotions in me and helps to communicate my message better. At the same time others feel at ease and freedom to express” -Faisal H.K.

“I feel very connected to fellow trainees & inspired to spread more laughter & joy into the world. Both instructors kept the flow going, were punctual and compassionate to all of us. I loved the informal moments to dance and get to know people.” -Margie H.

“I thought it was a fantastic weekend. I do have trouble/difficulty connecting to large groups and often hide and am hyper vigilant, this weekend has left me feeling very calm and relaxed with a new sense of clarity and empowerment. Thank you so much! I am excited about what my future holds for me with my new sense of fearlessness! Thank you for changing my life.” -Anonymous